Everything changes - ***SOLD OUT***

Top End Records 2012 - TER002CD 

Everything changes "Album of the week" ★★★★Evening Standard

Everything Changes is a melting-pot of musical ideas, fusing urban rhythms and grooves with latin and jazz attitude, reviving the Organ trio combo.

The music is dynamic, exuberant and flamboyant, appealing to jazz fans and more mainstream music-lovers alike.

Clement Regert: Guitar
Andrew Noble: Hammond Organ
Sophie Alloway: Drums

Dennis Rollins: Trombone
Graeme Flowers: Trumpet
Roberto Manzin: Saxophone
B'loon: French Rap

Mixity -

Top End Records 2008 - TER001CD 

This stunning debut album was co-written and arranged by French guitarist Clement Regert and English pianist Alexis Corker. It unites some of the best of Brit-Jazz, blending in French underground elements all with a touch of Parisian chic.
Mixity of cities, mixity of genders, mixity of musical flavours, this album is the creation of a new ‘entente cordiale’.
Clement Regert: Guitar
Alexis Corker: Piano, Hammond, Rhodes
Neville Malcolm: Double-bass
Cheryl Alleyne: Drums

Liane Carroll: Vocals
Dennis Rollins: Trombone
Quentin Collins: Trumpet
Philip Harper: Percussions
B’Loon: Rap

Organic Riot -

Top End Records 2015 - TER003CD 

"Best 10 jazz album of the year 2015" list  ★★★★ The Telegraph

Organic Riot  “Album of the week” ★★★★ Evening Standard 

Critically acclaimed Clément Régert's Wild Card  have recorded in this new album the very same blend of Hard-bop, Afro, Latin and Funky tunes that made them so popular on the UK Nu-Jazz scene in the last few years.

Special guests are:

• Natalie Williams: vocals
• Graeme Flowers: trumpet and Roberto Manzin: tenor Sax.

• Jerome Harper: Trombone
 Joaõ Caetano: Percussion
• Lili Ioncheva: percussion
• B'loon: French Rap

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Life strories + Organic Riot+

 + Mixity

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Life strories + Organic Riot+

 + Everything changes

Life Stories - ***SOLD OUT*** (digital only)

Top End Records 2018 - TER0004CD 

★★★★ Music republic magazine

Critically acclaimed Clément Régert's Wild Card have recorded in their new album the very same blend of tuneful numbers with a wide variety of hard-bop, Afro/Latin, New Orleans and raw funk grooves that made them so popular on the UK Jazz scene in the last few years.

This album is jam packed full of exciting new music from the cream of the crop.

The powerhouse of the group, guitarist/band leader Clément Régert, organist Andrew Noble and drummer Sophie Alloway are joined for this occasion by a some fantastic guests:

• Mary Pearce: vocals
• Graeme Flowers: trumpet 

• Alistair White: Trombone
Will Fry: Percussion
• Denys Baptiste: Tenor Saxophone
• Carl Hudson: Synth

Jim Knight: Alto Saxophone
• Adam Glasser: Harmonica